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   A Quantum Transformative Process.
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Using Creative Visualization, Intention, LOA processes & Strategic Solutions for creating, sustaining and building your uniquely aligned path- write/publish/market/brand your book/product/service/organization- bring simple, proven practices into your life for more happiness-more...we want/deserve/NEED more happiness!!   
I use a four part process:
1.  Decide to Choose Conscious Thoughts toward your goals-your happiness-your healing...
2.  Focus-Visualize and feel what you truly desire.
3.  Energize it! Take action steps: meditate daily, use the processes and keep a journal. Look for the power of messages received in everyday coincidences   
4.  Practice- Trust and develop new skills and deepen awareness- give your goals/dreams/healing lots of POSITIVE energy!
  Now you begin to engage in the world from your aligned- true self and abundance Always Follows-
Then we can build on this foundation: going into the nuts and bolts of book development, self-publishing, licensing music, event production, healing arts monetization, all working with strategic marketing, lead generation programs, social media...


"It all begins when you learn how to recognize, expand and practice your relationship to
imagination, intention and vibrational alignment."

This is a reminder that we are all in this together.
That I am a resource for you. And, I love doing this work and seeing the results. I LOVE MAGICK.
I love creating everyday sacredness and helping YOU do that in your life.  I invite you to join me for this one-on-one mentoring special and see the results-
It is exciting to know that the results you want are available to you when you are aware and able to connect to that vibration/feeling of achievement, love, and respect-ultimately we are all on the path toward Abundance. That's what the OPEN ROAD is all about!    

Experience "live" Experiential re-patterning as you venture onto the OPEN ROAD with Jennifer Bair  
Successful Entrepreneur, Author, Intuitive Business-Life Strategist, Musician & founder of The OPEN ROAD SERIES 
Offering Transformative Fem-powered Ventures: tools and teachings beyond the ride.

Book your Breakthrough Session with Jennifer Bair Today
& Receive This DREAM INTO ACTION How-To Guide FREE!

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Join the Open Road and receive easy-to-do practices that really work and learn how to harness your power of the Law of Attraction, develop your Creative Visualization skills, unleash your Powers of Intention. 

*When you learn how to RECOGNIZE YOUR OPEN ROAD it will no longer be a mystery why your abundance does or does not show for you.

*When you eliminate your blocks to being able to FIND YOUR OPEN ROAD it will automatically raise your vibration so the Universe “notices” your alignment with your desires.  -Law of Attraction “HEARS YOUR VIBRATION” not your words. 

*Tune in to the guidance of the Goddess/God-self. Invoke the power of the feminine divine as you consciously choose cooperation with "source energy" over competition for successful outcomes.

*When you learn how to FIND YOR OPEN ROAD you will release huge amounts of resistance which will allow you to attract more abundance into your life NOW!

* You will receive action steps and practices you can begin today-

Law of Attraction says “IT’S ALL ENERGY”. Law of Attraction sends you situations that have the same energy and vibration you are putting out…so when you are feeling relaxed and confident because you decided to FIND YOUR OPEN ROAD TO ABUNDANCE NOW the Universe will bring you more opportunities that match this feeling on an energetic basis.  

You are here because you believe there is more for you out there-You are here because you are aware of your power as a spiritual being having a human experience-You are here to learn, teach, sow the seeds and gather the harvest of your Open Road toward Abundance.  My journey has led me here as a facilitator, guide and inspiration, helping you recognize and find Your OPEN ROAD to True Self- True Abundance.   Many people ask, why does it still take so long to manifest what you want to be-do-have? Well, since we are such dynamic beings, there are other influences, such as beliefs or childhood programming, that can affect results. And, sometimes our own habits can block our manifestations. This work is an on-going process, and one that will become part of your everyday life.      

It’s your choice-Recognize and Find Your OPEN ROAD TO ABUNDANCE NOW and enjoy the ride as abundance flows into your life!  

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